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Shipping Cost


DHL : To 50USD -> 25USD (in a month)

          From 51USD -> Free Shipping by DHL


※ Sometime, DHL charge double price for shipping.

If DHL charge double price for shipping, then we will contact to you about it for confirm. Please understand this situation.


※ Please note


Dear customers.


Now we are having a hard time.


Corona virus is still spreading in the World, so many businesses aren’t worked very well like before.


We can’t send you parcel by air mail now.


We gonna send you an parcel by DHL.


The shipping price is even expensive than normal air mail service but now it is the best way for safe shipping for you.


I recommend you to order our stuffs with your modeler friends.


I’m gonna keep updating this thing.


Thank you.

1/35 Bottle Crates (9pcs)

SKU: MJEZ35022